Framework Unity

for DotNet environment

Julia will consider as entry points for the analysis the standard methods of the MonoBehaviour subclasses, leading to the analysis of the code that will be executed on graphic updates or physic update.

Required libraries: UnityEngine.dll


This specification gets automatically applied when:

  • the framework of the analysis contains the word dotnet (case insensitive)
  • a class whose name is equals to UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour is supertype of at least one application's class

Specifications on application code

These are conditions that, if satisfied on a given program component, will cause the specified annotations to be placed on such component. These will annotate only program components coming from the application under analysis, and not the libraries. This framework defines the following specifications:

  • annotate any method that satisfies the following:
      (whose name (is equal to Update or is equal to Start) and that is defined in a class that is subtype of a class whose name is equal to UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour)
    • com.juliasoft.julia.extraction.EntryPoint